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We teach control of three financial mechanisms:

COOPERATION Do I have the support of my employees, customers, and creditors and could I convince a financial institution to invest in my business?

CASH Do I have adequate cash flow now and in the future? Does cash flow support profit growth?

Do I have good numbers? What are they telling me to do?

Unfortunately, small-to-medium-sized (SMB) businesses are at an extreme disadvantage when trying to compete in these areas against large companies with large budgets.  For years, service providers supplied the SMB market with finance and bookkeeping solutions that are either too expensive, too underwhelming, or too fragmented. Our financial management solutions are priced to meet the strict budget requirements of SMBs, are positioned as the highest quality on the market, and are fully integrated.


    We teach SMBs to control the three operational finance mechanisms - information, cash, and stakeholder cooperation.  We do this by providing high-quality, fully integrated, budget-friendly solutions in the areas of strategic finance, business process design, and back-office bookkeeping.  We are not a CPA firm and refer compliance needs to our network of trusted providers.

Our Ideal Client

     We greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our strategic finance knowledge with business owners who want to become more profitable and increase their business valuation.  We have identified 12 Operational Finance Pain Points that can be used as a basic diagnostic tool to highlight companies in need of our services.  In our opinion, companies with challenges in three or more of the following areas have an urgent need for improvement whether they use our fractional CFO services or find some other solution.

  1. Uncomfortably low cash balance

  2. Insufficient working capital

  3. Difficulty managing stakeholders (banks, customers, suppliers, and / or employees)

  4. Inability to benchmark performance

  5. Non strategic-thinking financial staff

  6. Unpredictable business performance

  7. Inconsistent attention to financial statement performance

  8. Decision making fog

  9. Fraud exposure - internal and / or external

  10. How to best respond to inflationary cost pressures

  11. Inattention to company valuation

  12. Frustration with current business operating (ERP) software

As you encounter businesses that are experiencing some of these issues, please encourage those business owners to speak with us.  We will speak to them at no cost and outline options on how they can improve their financial management.

                                                 Peter M. Baldwin, MBA

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